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Nobody has done it better than Rick Streiff and his staff over the last 6 years.  Cathedral HS in Indianapolis has won 5 Indiana State Championships since 2008.  Their 3-3 Cover 2 has been a staple in Indiana HS football since Coach Streiff took over.  In this 3 video package, Coach Streiff covers everything from base alignment techniques, to run fits, to complete pass defense, blitzes, and goal line defense.  It’s one of the most complete high school defensive packages presented on video.

Click here to get a quick look at Coach Streiff as he draws up the basics of their 3-3 on a white board on a visit Coach Albaugh took to Cathedral.


3 Video Package

Cathedral 3-3Save nearly $5 when you buy all 3 videos at once. Learn the 3-3 from one of the best schools in the Midwest.

2 hours 47 Minutes – $54.95

Video Content Rating: Silver

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Run Fits

3-3 Stack Defense

Coach Streiff breaks down his defense position by position giving details to alignment responsibility and technique to each of his defensive positions.  He also talks about the type of player he looks for as he sets up his defense.  Who does each player key?  How do we defend iso?  How about dealing with pullers?  Coach covers it all and finishes off the video with about 10 minutes of breaking down game film.

58 Minutes – $19.95

Video Content Rating: Silver

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Defending the Pass

cathedral-passFrom DLine pass rush, to LB drops and responsibilities, to Corners and Safeties, Coach Streiff covers the details of everyone’s responsibilities when your opponent is throwing the ball.  He covers the Cover 2 and cover 4 as well as man to man.  He even dives into defending 3 x 1 and bunch formations.  Coach Streiff does a great job of covering the ins and outs of defending the pass in his defense and finishes the presentation with over 14 minutes of breaking down game film.

49 Minutes – $19.95

Video Content Rating:  Silver

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Blitzes and Goalline

Cathedral DefenseCoach starts with the D Line.  Learn what Axe, Loop, Knock, Ed, and others mean.  Then it’s on to inside and stacked linebacker stunts.  Coach covers dozens of the Irish blitzes.  After he’s given you their entire blitz package, he moves on to cover their goal line defense and finishes off the presentation with over 17 minutes of game film.

55 Minutes – $19.95

Video Content RatingSilver

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