We posted a blog in March and asked the following question, “Got anyone on your staff you would like to recognize for Chiefpigskin’s 427 Award?”   Well, let’s back up a little bit and review. Just what is Chiefpigskin’s 427 Award?  It is an award that recognizes top notch assistant coaches. We here at Chiefpigskin understand just how important assistant coaches are to your football program and we want to recognize those guys. That’s why we initiated the 427 Award. 

Some of the qualities that we talked about are:

  • Trustworthy
  • Loyal
  • Dependable
  • Responsible
  • Sound in the Fundamentals
  • Knows his role
  • Accepts a specific duty
  • Enjoys the job, the kids

For more on qualities see: Great Assistants


We had three nominations for the 427 Award.

Illinois College Head Coach Ray DeFrisco submitted two nominations for the 427 award, Travis James and Tim Robinson.


Travis James, Offensive Coordinator – Said Coach DeFrisco , “Travis is a man of high character.  His integrity leads his coaching style filled of passion and loyalty to the program.  During the 2016 season we played four different quarterbacks due to injuries five different times.  During that time he was the glue that held the offense together and managed to win 6 games.”


Tim Robinson, Passing Game Coordinator – According to Coach DeFrisco, “Tim is the pass game coordinator, and coaches the quarterbacks.  He was a major factor in developing the timing and efficiency to having a winning season.”


Champaign Central Head Coach Nate Albaugh nominated one of his top assistants, Tim Turner.

Tim Turner, second from left

Tim Turner, second from left








Tim Turner, Assistant Head Coach, Defensive Line Coach – Said Coach Albaugh, “Tim is unbelievably dependable, works his tail off, takes the initiative, and is willing to do anything to help our program. He will take on the most mundane task and do a great job with it. I count on him for everything. Everyone in our program knows they can go to Tim to get a question answered, and he’s always asking for ways he can be of more help.” Albaugh continues, “I really didn’t know what an assistant head coach does until I met Tim, now I know.”

Congratulations to all three of these men on a job well done. We thank them for all they do for young men and the sport of football.

Now, all of you head coaches out there, think about your assistants and all they do. Got anyone on your staff you would like to recognize for Chiefpigskin’s 427 Award? Well, you can and here’s how.

  1. Be a Head Football Coach
  2. Follow us on Twitter
  3. Tweet your recommendation to us @TheChiefpigskin
  4. Email us the name of your school, where you are, your nomination, a picture of your assistant, and rationale (150 words or less) to popsalbaugh@chiefpigskin.com

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