NCAA college football is really heating up. Who will be in the final four? Ohio St. rallied to beat Penn St. 39-38. It was in Columbus – Penn St. had ’em. Should the Nittany Lions be eliminated from consideration? It’s too early to tell, let’s let the season play out. But if I had to give my top four right now, who would they be?

  1. Alabama – Do I really need to explain?
  2. Georgia – Looking strong and have a one point win at Notre Dame.
  3. Notre Dame – Only loss to #2 Georgia by a point and winning convincingly against good teams.
  4. Oklahoma – Well, they beat Ohio St. AT Ohio St. I’m not confident of them at #4 because I’m worried about their defense. For now, they’re my #4.

What? No Big 10 teams? At the end of the year, someone will be there. Ohio St. will probably play Wisconsin in the Big 10 Championship and winner should go. That’s why they play a championship game, right? I wish! We all know it’s for the money. Penn St. just got beat but don’t count’em out. Ohio St. is close but they got beat at home by Oklahoma. TCU just got beat by Iowa St. so they’re out for now. Wisconsin is undefeated but I still need to see more. How about Clemson? Very close but that loss to Syracuse still smarts. Miami is undefeated and I like Mark Richt but I’m not sold on them yet. I wanna see ’em play Clemson. Oklahoma St.? Not good enough defense. Washington? Hmmmm. Not yet. There’s a lot of season left and we’ll see where it goes. I predict it WILL NOT be what I have listed now.


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Coach Albaugh – DBLITY

Coach Albaugh coached high school football in Illinois for 28 years. During that time he coached at every level and on both sides of the ball. He was the offensive and defensive line coach for four undefeated teams and was a defensive coordinator in his last 11 years, twice reaching the semi finals of the Illinois state playoffs.