Alexander The Great


“Every battle is constituted of a number of sub battles of differing degrees of consequence. I don’t care if we lose every sub-battle, so long as we win the the one that counts.” Alexander The Great

Ever think about how similar the game of football is to the battlefield? I have and I find the parallels striking. I’m reading a book right now about Alexander The Great and I keep thinking about football as he talks battlefield strategy. Let’s consider for instance that every posession in football is a sub-battle in the big picture of a football game – or a “battle” if you will. You might even call each game or battle with an opponent on your schedule a “war”. To win the war, you gotta win some battles, especially the key battles. What is a key battle?

This past weekend I watched a state championship game in Illinois on TV. The teams involved were Byron and

4th and Inches Stop – Winning a Sub-Battle
Courtesy of News-Gazette

Monticello, teams of around 500 enrollment – small to medium sized schools. Both teams were 13-0 but had contrasting styles. Byron was two tight ends come right at you and Monticello was spread and pass oriented. This is one of the the things I love about high school football, contrasting styles. It was a heckuva game that Monticello won 24-20. No reason to go into details but what stood out to me is that Monticello won some decisive “sub-battles”. Byron had a powerful run game that Monticello couldn’t stop but DID slow down. Byron won a lot of sub-battles with first downs that led to touchdowns. However, Monticello won three key sub-battles that helped win the game. One was a goal line stand at the two yard line, another was a stop at midfield on fourth and inches in the 4th quarter, and another was a highlight interception with two minutes to go in the game. Those were sub-battle wins that really counted.

Keep Learning

There are so many ways that we football coaches can keep learning about not only football but life and leadership. I highly recommend reading books about great military generals of the past. A football coach can learn a lot from these guys that can easily be applied to football. Of course, there are many great resources to learn the specifics of football and we here at Chiefpigskin have done our best to give all football coaches the opportunity to keep learning.

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In the meantime, I’ll try to help inform, entertain, and motivate with these blogs.

Coach L. Albaugh      DBLITY

Coach Albaugh coached high school football in Illinois for 28 years. During that time he coached at every level and on both sides of the ball. He was the offensive and defensive line coach for four undefeated teams and was a defensive coordinator in his last 11 years, twice reaching the semi finals of the Illinois state playoffs.