Woody Hayes

Anyone remember Woody Hayes? The legendary, long time coach of the Ohio State Buckeye football team? Well, Coach Hayes was an avid reader of military history, strategy, tactics, past campaigns, and great generals. Hayes thought much could be learned by studying military history. That knowledge could be applied to football and coaching football. I happen to agree with him. Last week my blog, or mini blog if you will, discussed Alexander The Great’s thoughts on Cardia, “heart” and Dynamis, “the will to fight”. Really good stuff on the heart and will of a  good soldier.

As I discussed these two concepts with a coach near and dear to my heart, he paused for a second and asked, “What’s the difference?” I thought for a few moments and said, ” Hmm, I’m not sure.” As I thought, I came up with what I thought was the difference. Now mind you, these are MY thoughts. I could be way off, but here is what I think.

Still Battling

Cardia is that quality of being in a fight or battle and there is no quit in the soldier (player), he will fight you to the end. No matter the odds, no matter how tired or beat up, there is something inside that pushes on.

Dynamis, on the other hand, is having that desire to enter battle. He relishes the training and welcomes the opportunity to go into the fray. He looks forward to the next campaign, or looking at it from a football coach’s perspective, the next Friday night game.

Is it possible to have the will to fight but when things are going badly or maybe losing, one loses heart and gives up? Hmm…maybe. Anyway, that’s the best I can do – what are your thoughts?

Continuing On The Road

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