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Are we trying to think too much?

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Are we trying to think too much? About a month ago Coach Nate Albaugh had an interesting conversation with head coach Kurt Hines from Coronado High School in California. It’s on the Chiefpigskin Youtube channel. Isn’t it cool that we can communicate with other coaches like that? What a great resource. The subject of the show was Football Coaches Are Getting Soft. It dealt with a couple different areas – less hitting in practice and less running sprints for conditioning. I definitely believe in less hitting in practice, I hate seeing kids hurt in practice. And I also believe there are many different ways to get your guys in shape to play on Friday night. If you run good drills and run plays against air at the end of practice and the guys have to run 20-40 yards to finish the play, that’s your sprints. Another thing that I liked for all players was sled work. The 5 man sled for 3-4 second bursts is great for the legs. And let’s face it, you gotta have the legs in shape. Your guys legs can’t get rubbery in the 4th quarter. Now it seems coaches monitor everything and measure workload and it’s getting very scientific. Asking questions like “are we conditioning them to be a one way player or a two way player?” Then, condition accordingly with charts and graphs. Heck, just get ’em shape. Some kids are never going to be in the kind of shape to be a player that never comes off the field. Other kids can play both ways all night. Every kid has a different gas tank. We all like that kid with a high motor – they were born with it. Unfortunately I was the kid with a small gas tank but I loved football so much I never wanted to come out. My son was the opposite. He could play all night both ways and every special team and looked the same in the 4th quarter as he did the 1st. Thankfully, my grandson seems to have the same endurance. I say run a good practice, work ’em hard, run during drills and plays and DON’T OVERTHINK IT! And…that’s my take.

What’s the deal with Antonio Brown? Does the guy wanna play football? Word is the Raiders – his new team – might suspend him. I don’t know if they will, but look at his brief history. For his first press conference with the team he was an hour late. Never mind that I would’ve been an hour early, that can happen. Then he couldn’t practice some in the summer cause he got frostbite on his feet. Barefoot in the snow in France or something like that. OK, frostbite happens, especially when your bare footed in snowy France. Then he missed some OTA’s in the summer. OK, they’re voluntary. No big deal. Then he didn’t like the new helmets the NFL were using. Liked his old helmet. I get that, but don’t miss practice. The team finally fines him for missing so much and he puts it on social media and gets in an onfield arguement with the GM. Whatever happened to going above and beyond to impress your new employer? That’s what I was taught to do. You think Vince Lombardi could handle some of this stuff? He’d have said, ” What the hell’s goin on here? Get your helmet and get on the field!” And then if he wouldn’t have, he would’ve run him off. Wouldn’t cared if he was a star or not.

We’ve got some big college games this weekend like LSU @ Texas and Texas A&M @ Clemson. But the one I’m really intrigued with is Army/Michigan. I don’t know if Army can be as good as they were last year – they were real good. They had Oklahoma on the ropes big time. The Sooners barely escaped.  Army went 11-2 and won their bowl game. I guarantee Harbaugh and his staff won’t take these guys lightly but listen to what Jeff Seidel of the Detroit Free Press says. “Army won’t be able to run against Michigan’s defense, expect another big day from Khaleke Hudson. Army won’t be able to do anything when it gets into third and long. And Army’s secondary will be in trouble against Michigan’s tall, fast, athletic wide receivers.” Well…maybe, maybe not. But don’t get too cocky Michigan fans, this could be a tough game. Oh – I read also about Army’s “unconventional offense”. Since when is double wing triple option unconventional?

One more thing…the Packers beat the Bears last night 10-3. Old fashioned Bear/Packer game. The oldest and BEST rivalry in pro football. It reminded me of 1963 when Ditka and the Bears beat the then mighty Packers 10-3 in the 1st game of the season. Yes, I watched it on TV – I’m that old. I remember it. Sign of things to come cause the Bears went on that year to win the NFL championship. Can the Packers do the same? mmmmmmmm probably not.

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Coach Albaugh coached high school football in Illinois for 28 years. During that time he coached at every level and on both sides of the ball. He was the offensive and defensive line coach for four undefeated teams and was a defensive coordinator in his last 11 years, twice reaching the semi finals of the Illinois state playoffs.