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4 Reasons College Teams Don’t Run This Offense.

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Did any of you watch the Michigan/Army game or am I one of the few who thought it would be a great matchup. Cmon, if your a football coach you had to know Army was gonna be tough on the Wolverines. #1 – Army is good. Just because it says ARMY on their jerseys doesn’t mean they can’t play with the so called “big boys”. Remember, they took Oklahoma to OT last year and it was no fluke. Saturday’s game against Michigan proved it. Sportwriters and fans didn’t give Army much of a chance but those of us who coach knew the Wolves were in trouble. Actually, I thought Army slightly outplayed them and deserved to win. But give Michigan credit – their vastly superior talent made a big play in the 2nd OT. The game turned on one BIG PLAY. With Army leading 14-7 they had the ball on the Mich 5, 3rd down. They tried a play action pass and Michigan blew it up. Army doesn’t score so instead of being up 21-7 Mich takes it with momentum and ties it at 14. Huge turn around. And how bout this? Army was up 14-7 at the half and the Michigan fans were booing. They were clueless – like their guys weren’t trying. I hate booing – unless your team is just plain loafing, lack of effort – don’t boo. Mich was not down cause of lack of effort.

At the half Urban Meyer defended Mich. He was one of the analysts and said, “Hey a few years ago we played Navy who also runs the flexbone offense and it was a nightmare. They are very hard to defend.” Which brings us, of course, to this question. If the flexbone is such a great offense and a nightmare to defend, why aren’t more teams running it? Why do only the service academies (pretty much) run the triple option? Well, I’ll tell you why.

Let me first say that personally, I love this offense. I find it exciting and beautiful to watch when it’s executed at a high level. But I’m in the minority. So – here go my thoughts on why more teams do not run the flexbone offense.

  1. Fans love the spread cause they love to see the ball thrown all over the place. They like the wide open “fast break” approach. A ball control running offense bores them and some coaches too. So, coaches run what fans like.
  2. Most D1 football players are trying to get to the pros. So, it’s all about them. To run the flexbone takes great discipline and a very high level of execution. Players can’t be selfish – they must carry out their assignment to the letter, every time. The service academy guys know they’re not going to the pros so they don’t need to be all about themselves.
  3. The pro game has become more and more QB-WR oriented. What QB or WR who wants to get to the pros will go play in this triple option offense? Can’ blame ’em.
  4. The spread is much easier to coach. What’s that! You say? Yep, sorry to hurt your feelings you spread guys but that’s it. In the spread, you spread out the defense, get your athletes into space and let them make big plays. Heck, you don’t HAVE to execute at a high level, just get the ball into your playmakers hands and let their talent take over. It makes sense. I see why coaches do it. But of course that means the more talented team will probably win. Their athletes make more great plays cause they’re more talented. Thus – Alabama, Oklahoma, Clemson, Ohio St. etc… dominate cause they have more talent. So if your Army, Navy, or Air Force you run option, control the ball, and execute at a high level. That gets you even with the talent laden “big boys”.

There you go – my thoughts on why more teams don’t run this tremendous offense that gives opponents nightmares. AND…THAT’S MY TAKE!

Antonio Brown gets released by the Raiders and the Patriots pick him up. The Raiders are probably glad to get rid of him and all the problems he brings. Now a new problem just cropped up with Brown and the Patriots will have to deal with it. Sometimes it just doesn’t matter how good a guy is, team comes first.

I love watching ESPN but sometimes I shake my head at their crazy comments. Here’s one I saw them discuss. Should Alabama be concerned about LSU? Well, YEAH! Alabama better be concerned with all of their opponents. But right now? NO. They had better be concerned about South Carolina only cause that’s who they play next! I’ve said this before, one of the best head coaches I served under would get really upset if we EVER mentioned anyone other than our next opponent. I’m pretty sure Saban is the same way. However, is LSU good? They looked real good last Saturday.

One more thing…what the heck happened to our World Cup basketball team? Oh I know, all of our stars backed out. Are you tellin me we don’t have enough good basketball players in this country? Or maybe it’s because all of our kids just practice dunking now. You know, dunking contests have become more important than games. Hey I know, let’s start a World Cup dunking contest. We’d win that! But what do I know? I’m a football/wrestling coach.

Hey join us next week…

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Coach Albaugh coached high school football in Illinois for 28 years. During that time he coached at every level and on both sides of the ball. He was the offensive and defensive line coach for four undefeated teams and was a defensive coordinator in his last 11 years, twice reaching the semi finals of the Illinois state playoffs.