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Went to pick up my 12 year old grandson the other day at a friends house. There were 3 boys who had been invited over to another friends house to have a day of swimming and pizza. When I got there the 4 boys were in the front yard playing a game of 2 on 2 football. Now – even though I was there to pick up my grandson do you think I was going to break up that game? Heck no, not for a minute. You see, I dont think todays boys just go out in the yard and play as much as they used to. And I sure dont think I see many boys just playin a pickup game of football in the front or back yard anymore. So I just got out of my car, leaned against it and just watched for awhile. They were throwin the ball, runnin the ball, tackling, makin cuts, fallin on the ground, gettin sweaty and dirty. Did my ole heart good. And to see my cross country runnin grandson playin football? Gotta admit, made me smile. He’s runnin xcountry in jr high but I’m still kinda hopin he’ll play football in high School. Not that I have anything against xcountry – my 3 daughters all ran xcountry and my son did until he got to high school – then he switched to football. Not to mention I coached xcountry for a year at the high school level. I loved it. But for ME anyway, it cant rival my love and passion for football. So yeah, if my grandsons all played football, that would be great. If not, Im ok with that. As long as they’re involved in something good for them. But thats not the point of my subject for today. While I was there watchin the boys play football their was another man there, a parent of one of the other boys. He was talkin to the Dad of the host of the 3 friends. Well…I couldnt help but overhear their conversation. The parent had a very strong British accent and he had a soccer polo shirt on. I could tell he was some kinda soccer coach at a local high school. He spoke with authority and I could tell he was very sure of himself. The talk was about soccer and it veered toward his soccer athletes gettin into the weightroom. Heard him say “The football team has the weightroom from 9 – 2:30 and its hard to get in there. Something to that effect. That kinda bugged me a little cause I dont like to think that we football coaches own the weightroom. Weight trainings for all athletes. We need to share the facilities. Anyway – then I heard him talk about his guys doing pushups. He really believed that until you can do 50 pushups your not ready to bench press.  Im thinkin – really? I must be hearin wrong. Yeah, I heard him say  – I tell my guys if you can’t do 50 pushups – your not ready for the bench press. Say what? IF YOU CANT DO 50 PUSHUPS, YOU DONT NEED TO BE BENCH PRESSING. A couple of things went through my head. # 1, I never heard THAT before! Have I missed somethin? Secondly – whats that got to do with weight training? Thirdly, a lot of good athletes cant do 50 pushups, and their still pretty strong. When I was freshman in HS I won the Presidents Pyhsical Fitness Award out of the entire class. I was a little guy and pound for pound pretty strong, quick, and fast. I was like a little mongoose. But I could only do about 35 pushups. Our PE teacher made us do proper pushups, no cheating, all the way up, all the way down. So 50s a lot. I know a lot of big thick linemen that are pretty strong and they cant do 10 pushups cause of their body type. So are you tellin me theyre not ready to bench? Silliest thing I ever heard. Or AM I out of touch? Now this came from a high school soccer coach who is from England. I found this out later. Nothin against soccer, nothin against England, and nothing against English soccer coaches. But it occurred to me that we still have a lot of misinformation out there amongst high school coaches about weight training. If I was a HS A.D. I’d have all my coaches get some kinda certification in weight training and make sure that all my athletes were training in the same program. I think its that important. In fact, not only did my son weight train through high school, but so did my daughters. Pushups are good, but we still need to get in the weight room…AND THATS MY TAKE!

So MLB cut the draft from 40 rounds to five! Why? Cutting cost because of the corona virus. They will be able to pursue free agents not drafted. They used to have even more rounds. Mike Piazza, a HOF was picked in the 62nd round. Albert Pujols, was drafted in the 13th round. 3 time MVP for the Cards now has around 650 HRs to rank 6th alltime. Now only 5 rounds.

2 new videos on the Chiefpigskin OnLine Clinic. Tim Lovell, HC at Marion HS in Iowa gives a great presentation on DB play at the HS level. Lovell shows technique and drills to make your DBs better. The other is by Justin Clark from SC. Coach Clark presents coaching the QB in the Carolina Shoot offense. So – a DB vid and a QB vid. HCs – get your position coaches to sign up for the online clinic so they can get these and other top notch videos.

Top 10 HW boxers of All time. MY TOP TEN. 10. Evander Holyfield (44-10-2)…9. Sonny Liston (50-4)

A boxing guru named Springs Toledo in his book The Gods of War reckons Sonny Liston the best heavyweight that ever boxed and “among the most fearsome wrecking machines the heavyweight division has ever known.” Sonny Liston took the title from my favorite fighter, Floyd Patterson in about 1962. Liston had been the #1 contender for a few years just destroying everyone. People were sayin Patterson was ducking him cause he didnt want to fight him. Finally, the feared Sonny Liston got his shot at the title. When he knocked Patterson out in the 1st round, I was shocked and heart broken. 1st round? Cmon Floyd. So they had the rematch of course. Again, Liston knocked Patterson out in the 1st round. Liston had now established himself as the most feared HWT that ever lived. Now boxing was a big deal back then. Everyone knew who the HWT champ of the world was. All my buddies and me followed it big. We thought Liston was invincible. Think Mike Tyson times 3. Everyone thinks Tyson…bad dude. So here comes this young loud mouth kid named Cassius Clay sayin he was gonna knock Liston out. We laughed! Yeah right. Well…Clay, better known now as Muhumad Ali, did stop him in 7. Everyone thought it was a fix. Liston didnt get off his chair in the corner to come out for the 7th round. He quit! Then in a rematch he got KOd in the 1st round against Ali. With a punch that wouldnt smash a grape. Ali got in Listons head and Liston knew he couldnt beat him. I wouldve had Liston in my top 5 but because he lost so strangely to Ali. I dropped him to #9. Next week, #8.

One more thing… ESPN is going to do a 30 for 30 on McGwire and Sosa from the 1998 season. Im mildly interested. I didnt care for that home run chase in 98  – I thought something was fishy. All of a sudden monster HR numbers? And Im a Cardinal fan but I didnt jump on McGwires bandwagon. Of course we learned they were both juiced on steroids. I dont count their HR numbers or Barry Bonds. To me its still Roger Maris at 61. I wanna see if someone can break 60 WITHOUT steroids.

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Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.  Sport can awaken hope where there was previously only despair.    Nelson Mandela

Sweet 16 Countdown: 51. Alaska -9.2   50. Vermont -1.7   49. North Dakota 3.3   48. Wyoming 5.2  47. Rhode Island 8.4   46. District of Columbia 8.4   45. Delaware 14.7   44. South Dakota 15.3   43. New Hampshire 16.7   42. Montana 19.2  41. Maine 19.5   40. New Mexico 20.5  39. Oregon 24.2  38. West Virginia 26.3  37. Nevada 31.2  36. Idaho 32.2  35. Nebraska 32.6  34. New York 33.0  33. Iowa 34.4  32. Minnesota 35.9   31. Kentucky 36.3   30. Hawaii 36.5  29. Connecticut 37.3  28. Massachusetts 38.3 27. Wisconsin 39.9  26. Virginia 40.8  25. Oklahoma 41.5  24. Michigan 41.53 23. Kansas 41.8 22. Tennessee 41.9  21. Washington 42.6 20. Indiana 43.9 19. Colorado 44.4  18. South Carolina 44.61  17. New Jersey 44.63  16. Arkansa 45.0 15. Arizona 45.2 14. Mississippi 45.6 13. Alabama 45.8  12. Utah 46.0  11. North Carolina 46.7  10. Missouri 49.0  9. Pennsylvania 49.9  8. Illinois 50.3  7. Louisiana 51.9  6. Maryland 52.8  5. Georgia 57.2  4. Texas 60.8 3. Ohio 61.0  2. Florida 62.5  1. California 69.4

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Coach Albaugh coached high school football in Illinois for 28 years. During that time he coached at every level and on both sides of the ball. He was the offensive and defensive line coach for four undefeated teams and was a defensive coordinator in his last 11 years, twice reaching the semi finals of the Illinois state playoffs.