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In our last podcast I encouraged you to check out Brad Dixons presentation on his Sprint Based practice. Basically it covered Camp Point Centrals approach to practice which is low conditioning but high speed running. Conditioning causes your guys to slow down. Makes you slower. So, when you run in practice, run fast, full speed. There was much, much more, but thats the basic premise. That followed my podcast 2 weeks ago in which i basically said there was no need for wind sprints. I was talking to my son-in-law Todd, who is a patner in Chiefpigskin, about Dixons ideas and we did a little philosophising on conditioning. It just so happens my son-in-law wrestled for me in high school. He remarked how the guys took a lot of pride in how hard they worked in the wrestling room and how they perceived themselves as pretty tough. Whether they really were or not.

So we had one of those “On the other hand…” moments. The thought was…On the other hand are we being TOO soft? We discussed how working, sweating, and bleeding together really built comraderie in a team. The guys took pride in that. We talked about how it seems as though with every generation things are getting easier and softer. How bout those men who stormed the beaches at Normandy? Tough dudes.Those guys in the 1920s that built skyscrapers and ate their lunch sittin on girders 50 floors in the air? Cole miners who went into holes in the ground that took lives every day. Tough steel workers and dock workers. Sharecroppers who got 40 acres and a mule to til the ground, They worked grueling jobs. James J. Braddock, HW champ of the world in the 30s worked the NY docks waitin for his broken hand to heel so he could fight again. Guys in my Dads generation and my grandfathers generation were just tough. Football was tough. They’d laugh at facemasks! They all had broken noses. My dad worked in a foundry every day, never missed, never complained. Worked 2 jobs sometimes. My grandfather worked in the foundries too, dirty, hot, backbreaking jobs. Other than a 1 or 2 week vacation every year my grandfather only missed 1 day of work in his last 30 years. That was for his mothers funeral. 1 day! He had a big scar on his side from being cut by a knife. It was 6 in long and an inch wide. He never got stitches and it healed big and ugly. His middle finger was crooked from being mangled at work. Just kept workin. Grandpa used to cut our hair down his basement when we were kids. He had a homemade barber chair that turned 360. One day we noticed a big tooth hangin from a string from the basement ceiling over the chair. It was a back molar and had a root about half an inch long. Maybe longer. Grandpa had had a toothache and pulled his own tooth with a pair of pliers. Who does that? Whos tough enough to do that? My Dad got on him for that one. Too dangerous. Grandpa just said  -YEAH. He had a deep voice. My great grandfather died in a cole mine that caved in in the 30s. Im gonna say it right now – I am not as tough as my dad and grandfathers were. They were from a different era.

So things keep gettin easier, footballs gettin easier. All sports are gettin easier. Society talks about toxic masculinity. What the heck is that? We’re expected to be men that are a little more like women. This was also discussed on a Chiefpigskin youtube presentation about a year ago by Coach Nathaniel Albaugh and Coach Kurt Hienz a very well known coach from Coronado Ca. Heinz said we’re gettin smarter and more guarded…good point. Its a sign of the times. Yeah, we’re getting smarter on how to train HS kids and we’re also much more careful. The bottom line is yeah, we are finding ways to condition smarter and yeah, things have changed. It was unthinkable that a man would miss more than 1 day for the birth of a child…now a guy can get maternity leave!…do whatever it takes to have your kids ready to play at maximum performance on Friday night…AND, THATS MY TAKE!

New on the Online Clinic…Scott Heitland, HC at Dallas Center-Grimes HS in Iowa presents Pre Season Defensive Planning and Install Drills. He emphasizes 1) Know Your Role 2) Do Your Job and 3) Outwork Everyone. He then addresses Pre Seson Planning For Defense, Value of Drill Time, and Their Favorite Install Drill. With the season right around the corner, you’ll like this video. Another from Nick Pelham out of SC, Pass Rush and Tackling Drills. More good stuff from one of the top HS D coordinators in the nation.

I heard some broadcasters on ESPN lamenting on how to get more viewers and fans to the WNBA and I thought…easy…women of the country – watch the WNBA like men watch the NBA. There are more of you than men, you get the ratings up. Women, support womens sports!

Top 10 HW boxers of All time. MY TOP TEN. 10. Evander Holyfield (44-10-2) 6-2 225 …9. Sonny Liston (50-4) 6-1 215…8. Jack Johnson (55-11-8) 6-0 200…7. Jack Dempsey (55-6-9) 6-1 190   6. Lennox Lewis (41-2-1) 6-5 255 …6. Larry Holmes (69-6) 6-3 215   5 Joe Frazier (32-4-1) 6-0 205  4. George Foreman 6-3 220 (76-5) with 68 knockouts.  3. Rocky Marciano (49-0) 5-11 185…

With the highest knockout percentage of all heavyweight champions and boasting wins over such greats as Archie MooreJersey Joe WalcottJoe Louis and Ezzard Charles, the undefeated “Brockton Blockbuster” proved himself a remarkable warrior. Held the title from 1952 to 1956. Power, toughness, and unsurpassed conditioning were Rocky’s calling-cards, along with a brutal relentlessness which no one in his era could withstand. Only HW champ to retire undefeated. Most experts that rate the greatest have him between 7-12. One had him at #2. When you fought Marciano you’d better be ready to go 15 non stop rounds. He and Joe Frazier would just keep the pressure on. Hey, that wouldve been a heckuva fight! My #3 of all time…Rocky Marciano.

One more thing…Did you see Joe Kelly throwing at the Astros?  He has no fear but now he’s suspended. My son-in-law golfed with him a few times…

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Hey, join us next week for another CP coaches podcast and we’ll see you then!

Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.  Sport can awaken hope where there was previously only despair.    Nelson Mandela

Sweet 16 Countdown: 51. Alaska -9.2   50. Vermont -1.7   49. North Dakota 3.3   48. Wyoming 5.2  47. Rhode Island 8.4   46. District of Columbia 8.4   45. Delaware 14.7   44. South Dakota 15.3   43. New Hampshire 16.7   42. Montana 19.2  41. Maine 19.5   40. New Mexico 20.5  39. Oregon 24.2  38. West Virginia 26.3  37. Nevada 31.2  36. Idaho 32.2  35. Nebraska 32.6  34. New York 33.0  33. Iowa 34.4  32. Minnesota 35.9   31. Kentucky 36.3   30. Hawaii 36.5  29. Connecticut 37.3  28. Massachusetts 38.3 27. Wisconsin 39.9  26. Virginia 40.8  25. Oklahoma 41.5  24. Michigan 41.53 23. Kansas 41.8 22. Tennessee 41.9  21. Washington 42.6 20. Indiana 43.9 19. Colorado 44.4  18. South Carolina 44.61  17. New Jersey 44.63  16. Arkansa 45.0 15. Arizona 45.2 14. Mississippi 45.6 13. Alabama 45.8  12. Utah 46.0  11. North Carolina 46.7  10. Missouri 49.0  9. Pennsylvania 49.9  8. Illinois 50.3  7. Louisiana 51.9  6. Maryland 52.8  5. Georgia 57.2  4. Texas 60.8 3. Ohio 61.0  2. Florida 62.5  1. California 69.4

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Coach Albaugh coached high school football in Illinois for 28 years. During that time he coached at every level and on both sides of the ball. He was the offensive and defensive line coach for four undefeated teams and was a defensive coordinator in his last 11 years, twice reaching the semi finals of the Illinois state playoffs.