1. Alabama,2. Ohio St., 3. Georgia, 4.LSU, 5. Clemson, 6.Oregon, 7. Oklahoma, 8. Florida, 9. ND, 10. Miami, 11. Tex A&M, 12. Mich, 13. USC, 14. N Carolina, 15. Tenn, 16. Wisconsin, 17. Texas 18. Ole Miss 19. Maryland 20. Arkansas 77. Illinois all 3 starĀ  48. Vanderbilt (21) 3 stars (1) 4 starĀ  Illinois is 14th out of 14 not much of a chance. Vanderbilt 13 out of 14. Auburn 12th. SC last.


Last week I talked about turning programs around and I had to cut a lot of stuff out cause I just had so much to cover. So I’m gonna hit some of the areas I didn’t get to. I concluded that especially in college, recruiting is the key to success. You must have highly ranked classes in your conference or at least be in the middle of the pack at worst.