Ever been in this situation? You’ve got a good team and your playing another very good team. About 5-6 plays into the game, or a few series, you realize something. “Whoa, these guys are quick, explosive, fast, strong – you fill in the blank. Several years ago we were in that situation. We were good and we were playing a highly ranked team. We knew they were good and we had watched film. But sometimes the film doesn’t show everything. You gotta see it in person – from the sideline. We started on offense and about 5-6 plays into the game the head coach and I both looked at each other. He had that little smile he used to get and I slightly smiled and said, “Whoa, these guys are quick!” He chuckled and nodded. Their DBs were on our backs almost at the line of scrimmage and they were playing REGULAR DEPTH! Right then and there we knew we were in trouble. These guys were gonna be tough to beat. They were just so quick as an entire unit. Well, I bring up that old story because I’m wondering…do college coaches see the same thing immediately? I watched Michigan and Georgia in the CFP and after the 1st quarter I thought, “Michigan’s in trouble”. Georgia looked so much faster, so explosive, so strong that I could tell Michigan couldn’t match ’em. So I’m wondering, did the Michigan coaches see it right away? I mean, they’re right there on the sideline, THEY HAD TO SEE IT!. Was Harbaugh and his coaches thinking, “We’re in trouble. These guys are at another level and they’re gonna be real tough to beat. Of course you don’t say it out loud but they HAD to be thinking it. They’re good coaches and they know what they see! I’m a Big 10 guy but I’ll tell ya – Georgia was simply a superior football team. Oh, what happened in OUR game? We lost 28-0 and finished 8-1 on the regular season. They went 9-0. But never give up! We met ’em in the semifinals of the state playoffs and lost 36-32. We closed the gap! AND…THAT”S MY TAKE!

Coolest tweet of the week:  “We do these things every day. We’re not the greatest team. I just want my guys to make less mistakes than you guys do.” – Jeff Cima, DL Coach, Benton HS

Pro Football: Since we now have a 17 game schedule in the NFL some pundits are saying that any season records broken should be marked with an asterisk since one more game was played. Well…does that mean all records of a 16 game schedule should have an asterisk cause they had 2 more games than the 14 game schedule records? And should those records have an asterisk cause they had 2 more games than the 12 game schedule teams? Hmmm…

College Football: That Georgia defense (and Alabama’s) fast, strong, and EXPLOSIVE!

Great Quotes  At Appomattox upon his surrender to General Grant, Robert E. Lee wore a puzzled look as he examined the officer’s dark features, then recovered enough to extend his hand and remark, “I am glad to see one real American here.” Ely

Ely Parker

Parker, a full blooded Seneca Native American and one of General Grant’s staff officers shook Lee’s hand and replied “We Are All Americans”. That was cool.