Batavia High School

Let’s face it, every defensive alignment and scheme can be effective if it’s well coached, the coaches believe in it, the players believe in it, and it’s executed correctly. Oh yeah, having really good players is a big plus too. Usually it’s a good idea to keep a defense that has been a good one for your program. But there may be times when a change is needed or wanted for specific reasons. When I coached many years ago, we ran a 4-4 defense that was very effective. But that was pre-spread days and our opponents weren’t playing that style. We would have switched to the 4-2-5 (a little different) or maybe the 3-5-3, or perhaps the 3-4. At any rate, we would have changed.

Some out there have dropped their 4-3 (a solid defense) and gone to the 3-4. Why? Well, this is what some coaches have to say: Personnel was easier to find for the 3-4. Finding 3 defensive linemen to play effectively was easier than finding 4. OK, it’s only one more but this is what some really good coaches say. I’ll take their word for it. Coaches want more speed in the lineup so going to 4 backers is a plus in their mind. Can’t argue with that. Their 4-3 defense had become Predictable. Arch rivals had figured out ways to exploit the old defense. Mobility and Flexibility. Able to move more players around and adapt to different situations. Effective against the Triple Option. Maybe some of you face one or more opponents that run the option very well, maybe not. At any rate, if so, this has helped at least one program. For much more information on changing from a 4-3 to a 3-4 defense check out Matt Holm’s video at Chiefpigskin Batavia High School is in the western suburbs of Chicago, IL. and made the change to the 3-4 a few years ago. Batavia is a perennial powerhouse in Illinois playing in the 7A division ( enrollments 1,750-2,260 ) and known for playing great defense. Veteran Defensive Coordinator Matt Holm goes into much more detail in this presentation and you’ll enjoy his views on defensive football.

Cool Tweet:  In case nobody else tells you today; You’re good enough. You may not be where you want to be yet, you may have to work harder on what you’re doing, and you may even have to change directions, but… YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!   Coach Hines   @CoachKurtHines

Great Quote: Drink the first. Sip the second slowly. Skip the third. –Knute Rockne

Pro Ball: Folks are making fun of the USFL but I remember when they made fun of the old AFL in 1960. (Yes I’m old enough to remember that). One thing I like – all their nicknames end in an “s”.

College Ball: Alabama Coach Nick Saban warns NIL model in college football is unsustainable, will lead to buying players. Well, yeah. I agree with Coach but what’s the answer? What do you say?