Head Coach Kyle Ralph

Whenever one thinks of the Spread Offense we usually picture a team throwing the ball all over the place. While that may be true in many cases it’s not ALWAYS true. Such is the case at New Palestine High School In Indiana. The Dragons have put up staggering rushing numbers while playing in one of the toughest divisions in Indiana. By the way, we usually think of Indiana as a basketball state. You might be surprised to learn that it’s also a very good football state with a lot of talent. Head Coach Kyle Ralph, who’s teams were 74-4 from 2013-2018 and two state championships says ” WE WANT TO RUN THE FOOTBALL!!!” Can they pass? You better believe it and they do (170 yds/game) but their identity is a physical running game. In a 78 game span the last 6 years New Palestine has averaged 52 points a game, had 3,138 carries for 23,574 yards and a 7.57 yards/carry. That includes JV/Freshmen coming in to finish games.

In this Chiefpigskin video you’ll learn how they run an up tempo, no huddle offense which includes their IDENTITY play, Inside Zone. The Dragons hope to wear their opponents down and run multiple formations to create mismatches and then force the defense to adjust to them.  In addition to inside and outside zone New Palestine also has Iso, Jet Sweep, Counter, Slam, and Speed Option in their arsenal. There is so much in this one hour 11 minute presentation that you need to see for yourself. If these kind of concepts interest you, you’ll love Coach Ralph’s video. Just click Chiefpigskin and sign up for your subscription. This video alone will be well worth it.

Cool Tweet:  Whoever said running the ball wasn’t a fun way to play football, must not have been a running back.

Great Quote:  “We’re a football family; it’s all I know. It’s all my son knows.” –Derek Stingley Sr. 

Derek Stingley Jr. & Sr.

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