Coach Michael Curtis

Whenever one of the Military Academies is playing on television I check my schedule to make sure I will be able to watch at least PART of the game. Why? I love watching option football and in particular the military academies. Army, Navy, and Air Force run the triple option out of the FLEXBONE with such precision it’s a joy to watch. Not to mention, I enjoy hard nosed, physical football. I just do. It’s what I enjoyed when I played high school ball way back in the 1960’s. When I played defense, I loved it when our opponents came right at us and we could really mix it up. Take a look at the 3 options – the fullback hammers the middle, the QB might keep and looks for a seam on the edge. If no opening, the ball is pitched with precision at the last second to a halfback streaking down the sideline. If the defense starts ganging up on the run too much, BAM! Over the top with a play action pass. It’s physical old school football and I loved playing it and I love watching it. By the way, the Army/Navy game is the greatest rivalry in sports. It’s on my bucket list to see it, but time is running out for me.

So, it’s no wonder that there are plenty of high school coaches that feel the same way I do. One such high school program is Warsaw HS in Indiana. Head Coach Bart Curtis has been running the triple option for years and they feature the Flexbone at Warsaw HS. Listening to him talk football is a treat and you know you’re listening to an option authority. His son Michael serves on the staff as Offensive Coordinator and is featured on the Chiefpigskin video “The Warsaw Tiger Bone: Plan and Preparation to Make the Flexbone Go.  “Says Curtis, “Nothing better than winning a game because you were more physical and executed better.”

In this presentation Coach Curtis explains the Why behind what they do. Secondly he shows what a Week of Preparation looks like – from Sunday night to Saturday afternoon. Thirdly, Curtis covers how they Prepare from January to July as an offensive staff.  This 1 hour and 4 minute video emphasizes these 3 themes and much, much more. All football coaches can profit from watching and especially you flexbone guys out there. Click here.


Cool Tweet: One of the most beautiful things about tackle football is that it ends. There are no slow pitch football leagues, no rec or 30 and over football leagues, no Gus Macker football, whether it ends in High School, college, or the NFL… when it’s over it’s over! Embrace every moment!

Great Quote: It’s just in my blood, I didn’t choose it – it didn’t choose me – it just happened. It’s how it was meant to be.  –Derek Stingley Jr.

Pro Ball: l felt bad for a couple of those guys at the NFL draft who were prepared to be drafted in the 1st round but sat there all night not drafted in an embarrassing situation. All decked out in fancy suits and jewelry…why put yourself in that situation unless you’re absolutely assured of being a high 1st rounder?

Derek Stingley Jr.