Coach Jon Adkins

When I was a wrestling coach one of the things I really enjoyed was going to the hospitality room before a tournament began and between sessions. Oh yeah, there was always good food but another thing I enjoyed was just shooting the breeze with other coaches and listening to the chatter between coaches. Sometimes I could pick up little ideas here and there to try in my program. It could be like a mini clinic. Coaches are always looking for ideas to develop their program to a higher level with promotions, team building, weight room ideas, new drills, etc. Listen and learn, just keep learning. It’s fun to listen to other coaches talk about what they do in season and outside of season. Some things you’ll say “that’s pretty good” and others you’ll say, “Nah”. But that’s the idea of listening and learning. I enjoyed listening to other coaches just talk about little things they did within their program. I’m not the only one, we all enjoy listening to other coaches – that’s why a site like Chiefpigskin can be so fun and beneficial.

One of the newest videos on program development comes from head coach Jon Adkins of Mahomet-Seymour High School in Mahomet, Il. The M-S Bulldogs are coming off of an 11-1 season that saw them reach the quarterfinals of the 5A playoffs in Illinois. Coach Adkins shares a rapid fire look at the Bulldog program in the 24 Things We Do video that is featured on the Chiefpigskin Online Clinic. You’ll get a look at some of the things Adkins and his staff do to make their program more fun and effective.     DBLITY

Cool Tweet:  The main argument against spring ball all these Ohio folks fail to mention is that in order to have spring football in Ohio is – it would at first require for Ohio to have a spring. —  Devin M. Radcliff   @Coach_Radcliff

Great Quote:  It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.   — Frederick Douglass        

Frederick Douglass

Pro Ball: Tom Brady always reminded me of Johnny Unitas. Nothing flashy, just efficient, great leaders, and knew how to win.

College Ball: Some conferences looking at eliminating divisions but still having a conference championship game. Huh?  Well, personally I don’t like divisions and conference championship games anyway. But how do you have a championship game with no divisions? But they’ll figure out something cause it’s all about more MONEY!