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When I was a defensive coordinator (a long time ago), I watched film, I charted plays, formations, looked for weaknesses, tendencies,  drew up play cards for the scout team, watched film with my defense, ANYTHING I could think of. But you know what? I was never totally confident I had my defense ready. OK, I take that back – sometimes I felt good about our preparation. We had a routine that we followed but, of course, I was always looking for new ideas. One of the fun things about coaching is the “preparation for battle” as I call it. It’s kind of like being a General in war and doing some battle planning.

Nate Gilbreath, the DBs coach at Moline High School in Illinois, presented a video for Chiefpigskin called Scouting and Practicing for Your Opponent. The Moline Maroons are coming off of a 9-2 season in 2021 and advanced to the 2nd round of the 7A Illinois High School playoffs. The 7A division is the 2nd largest in Illinois for schools with enrollment of about 1,760-2,265. Yeah, big schools. Moline has not been a traditional power so the staff of the Maroons led by head coach Mike Morrissey have done a great job of bringing the program to prominence. In this video Coach Gilbreath begins by showing the 3 ways he uses Hudl to divide offensive plays by game, divide run/pass, and divide downs 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Hash/ formation/run or pass/ are all included and Gilbreath explains it all. The next phase is preparing with the players as he prepares a small playlist for the position groups. He goes in depth to explain their week day routine. Finally, how the info is used on Friday night wraps up the presentation. All in all this 44 minute presentation gives great insight and coaches can certainly pick up some new ideas. To go directly to the video just click here.    DBLITY

Cool Tweet:  I love coaching with all my heart, but I never want to be seen just as  a coach.  — Mike Hill @CoachMikeHillSF                                                 

General George

Great Quote:  Every post is honorable in which a man can serve his country.  — George Washington                                                                                    

Pro Ball: Tarik Cohen (Chicago Bears) has sustained a big setback in his recovery. The former All-Pro running back/returner tore his Achilles during a recent workout, according to multiple outlets. Geez, he was just coming back from a knee injury. I hate to see guys hurt in practice or working out.

College Ball: Saban on NIL: “Texas A&M bought every player”. Oh my goodness – Saban is sure starting a firestorm!