Coach Blair Hubbard

Some people get excited watching a high powered downfield passing game, some love watching triple option, others love seeing screens and let the great athlete make plays from the perimeter. Yeah, I love watchin ’em all. But another play that really excites me is a well executed, old fashioned trap play. To see the blocking scheme unfold and the running back bursting through the hole is a thing of beauty to this old coach. Oh yeah, not to mention seeing the pulling guard demolish a hard charging D lineman. It’s like – BOOM – straight up the middle and off to the races. When ran well the darn play just explodes! If you’re looking for a great trap scheme look no further than the latest video post on Chiefpigskin with a presentation by Head Coach Blair Hubbard. Hubbard is a 3x State Champion, Hall of Fame coach, and one of the most successful and winningest coaches in the state of Colorado. Wherever he goes, success follows. His offenses do several things well and an explosive trap scheme is one of them. In this 46 minute presentation Coach Hubbard details his Gun Rocket Sweep. He begins by giving a timeline for the system progression that began in 2009. Next, he explains the importance of their bread and butter play – the Gun Rocket Sweep – which directly sets up the explosive Gun Trap. Playside and backside blocking schemes against odd and even fronts are presented followed by plenty of game film with detailed teaching included. Click here to go directly to the video site.    DBLITY

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Pro Ball: “Colin Kaepernick works out for Raiders as door opens for potential NFL comeback.” Says CBS Sportsline. It’s been at least 5 years since he played. Gonna be tough to make it.

College Ball: Nothing much except Saban and Fisher are at each others throats. Wow, it got brutal with Jimbo’s reponse.

Great Quote:  “I was just a ballplayer. Not a legend or anything like that, like Joe or Mickey. I just played ball.” ~ Yogi Berra   .285 lifetime average, 18 time All Star, 358 home runs, 3 Time MVP, 10 World Championships                                                                                                                                                                    

Hall of Famer Yogi Berra