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I continue to be impressed with the quality of high school coaching out there these days and in particular football coaching. Yes, I know there is great coaching going on in other sports as well but I’ll focus on football for now. Watching videos from a site like Chiefpigskin has taught me that the coaching of today just keeps getting better and better. I liked my old high school coaches, they were good men and meant well, but I was not exposed to the high quality coaching that is available at so many programs these days. Good coaches are worth more than their $5,000 stipend or whatever it is that they’re being paid. Superintendents are getting six figure salaries and I would argue that there is no one in the school district that make a bigger impact on the student body than a dedicated, knowledgeable football coach. One such example is the head coach at Grayslake Central High School in Grayslake, Il. HC Mike Maloney was a guest on the Roots Coaches Culture Club featured on Chiefpigskin. He talks about what he calls their “Crucible” approach to building a high school football program. He has a vision for putting the day to day mission in place at Grayslake Central – great assistant coaches, a dynamic weight training program, community service, citizenship, scholarship, multi sport athletes, incentives/rewards, and a point system for measurement in and out of season which are all discussed at length. Coach Maloney and his staff have completely turned around the Rams football program in just 3 short years and were 8-3 last season and advanced to the 2nd round of the 6A Illinois High School Playoffs. You will love what these guys are doing. Click here.      DBLITY

What do you think of this? The wife and I visited President Woodrow Wilson’s boyhood home in Augusta, GA. recently. Cool visit, but one of my favorite things to see was the baseball display. Turns out Wilson was a baseball guy. When he was about 12 years old he was a member of the Lightfoot Baseball Club. The club, organized in the late 1860s by a group of neighborhood boys in the old residential section of Augusta was quite a collection of young players. “Tommy” Wilson served as the club’s president, writing a set of bylaws under which the boys operated, and requiring Parliamentary Procedure in their meetings. Here are some team rules and fines for rules violations.

Disobeying team captain… 5 cents, Swearing or cursing in any manner…5 cents, Swearing during a game…10 cents, Any Vulgarity…2.5 cents, Not being at a club meeting…10 cents, Absence from a regular game without good cause…25 cents.          Could you imagine such rules today? They didn’t need adults to organize baseball leagues back in those days – the kids did it!

Cool Tweet : Any other coaches look back on what they did early in their career and cringe?  Erica Suter MS  @fitsoccerqueen

Great Quote: Golf is a game in which one endeavors to control a ball with implements ill adapted for the purpose.  — Thomas Woodrow Wilson                                                                                                                                                            

Woodrow Wilson