Purple People Eaters

There has been no time in defensive football history that defensive line play has been more important than it is now. D linemen are asked to clog up run lanes as well as get an effective pass rush. You had better be a pretty good athlete and have great technique to get the job done. Position coaches that are assigned to the D line are always looking for more resources to become more knowledgeable in that area. Yeah, maybe you played the D line when you were a player or maybe you were like me. I was a running back and DB in my playing days but when we hired a new head football coach in the middle of my coaching career, I was assigned the D line. No experience. So, I started gathering some resources and the head coach gave me some of his clinic notes and away I went. I would’ve loved to have some of the resources that are available today. Coaches, if you need some D line info Chiefpigskin has two videos released this year that will be a big help. Make sure you give D Line Play In The Tite Front by DC Jeffrey Poe of Frederick Douglass HS in Kentucky a good look. Points of emphasis, Stance, Drill Manual, Drills, and Game Film are all included. Good stuff. If that isn’t enough, check out D Line coach Jeff Cima from Benton HS in Illinois to see what he’s doing with Defensive Line Technique: 3 Steps. You will get his take on Stances, Every Day Drills, Defending Down Blocks, Reacting To Pass Sets, Reacting To Hook Blocks, Drive Blocks, Wrong Arm, and defeating Double Teams. Sound good? It is. Of course, there are many more videos that are for every position and scheme you can think of. The library just keeps growing.         DBLITY

By the way, any of you guys out there remember the Purple People Eaters?  The Vikings front four comprised of Page, Eller, Larson, and Marshall? Actually they liked the name Purple Gang better but PPE stuck. And I LOVE the way they stand with their hands on their hips, confident with attitude. Look ’em up.       

Cool Tweet: I’m not a huge pre-game speech guy anymore (for a variety of reasons). But I’ll be damned if the speech from Miracle doesn’t get me fired up.   — Dustin Mills  @dustinwmills

Great Quote: “So I’m ugly. So what? I never saw anyone hit with his face.” ~ Yogi Berra

Actually – I don’t think Berra was ugly – kinda craggy faced and tough. Kinda like Tommy Lee Jones!