HC Derek Leonard

Why do we run GT and Power? That’s who we are, that’s what our kids believe in.” So says Derek Leonard, head football coach at Rochester HS, Rochester, IL. Coach Leonard has built one of the most consistent winning programs in Illinois for the last 15 years. His teams have been Illinois Class 4A Champions in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and  5A State Champions in 2019. Since 2005 when he became the head coach at Rochester he and his staff have amassed a 173-34 win/loss record. He has certainly established himself as one of the premier high school football coaches in Illinois. And what impresses me the most is that he has done it at a public school of about 800 kids. Now, I’m not knocking private schools, but I feel it can be easier at times to build a juggernaut at a private school. Why? No boundaries. You can take a kid from anywhere and once you’ve built a reputation for being a strong program you can keep it going with great athletes enrolling from a wide area radius. That’s just my humble opinion. Rochester’s coaching staff has been able to establish a winning program with “whoever walks in the door in their community.” Granted, you’re going to get some good move ins when you’ve become as powerful as Rochester, but families still need to “move in” as opposed to just enrolling from anywhere.

Now that we’ve established that Coach Leonard is worth listening to, what are we listening to and watching? Rochester is best known for their prolific passing game but their powerful run game can be overlooked. So this week’s feature video on Chiefpigskin is the Rochester Run Game, GT & Power. In Leonard’s presentation you get 1) why they run it, 2) run against any defense, 3) same blocking from center to play side, 4) double team point of attack, 5) multiple ways to run it, and many more variations. Plenty of drills and game film are included. One of our best!    DBLITY

I’ve been thinking…Now that college football is no longer amateur and they’ve gone pro with NIL, let’s put a “salary cap” on each FBS team. This will level the playing field and we’ll find out who the best coaches REALLY ARE. It will work like this…with an incoming class of 20 athletes you are allowed to sign twelve 3 star and under recruits, five 4 stars and three 5 stars. That way, everyone theoretically gets about the same amount of talent. Now EVERYONE has the same chance to build a championship program. That’s it, that’s my idea. OF COURSE it will never happen. Alabama, Ohio St., Georgia, etc…want ALL the best recruits. They have a God given right to that. Just ask ’em. OK, I’m being a little mean, sorry.

Cool Tweet:    A lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinion of sheep!   Coach Hines  @CoachKurtHines    

Great Quote:   “A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.”  — General George S. Patton. 

General George Patton