Purple Rider Defense

When I coached we were a cover 3 team. It worked for us and it works for tons of programs out there. I can’t say what coverage is best – you decide for your own program. If you play cover 3 take a look at a video that was released here on Chiefpigskin in January of 2022. Head Coach Nick Lindsey of Arcola High School in Illinois did a presentation entitled Cover 3 Variations. In that presentation Lindsey explains Arcola’s 3 variations – Base, Roll, and Rifle. Arcola is a small school in Illinois (229 students) that has played great football for decades. Yes, decades. Last year the Purple Riders (cool name) went 9-3 and reached the quarterfinals of the Illinois High School playoffs. Coach Lindsey and his staff have just kept Arcola football rolling. Good stuff on this video.

What I’m thinking…I have 3 daughters and 6 granddaughters so I am of course thankful they have had and do have opportunities in sports just like the boys. When I was in high school there were no high school sports for girls, at least in my area. Thankfully Title IX came along and changed all of that. I am a supporter of course, but…before you throw rocks at me and call me terrible names there was one negative result of Title IX. It killed some programs in colleges across the country. Whether it was intended or not, that was the result. Title IX said scholarships in college had to be equal between men and women. Simple and logical, right? I’m a football guy but football created a huge problem. Because football hands out so many scholarships, 85 at the present time, that one sport of football takes up a bunch. So, in order to even up the number of scholarships to be even between men and women, some men’s sports had to be cut. Either that or eliminate football. Right, like that’s gonna happen. One sport that got dropped a bunch was wrestling and I love wrestling, great sport. So – to even things up, some men’s programs were cut. To me, you don’t reduce men’s scholarships to make it equal, you RAISE women’s scholarships to equal men’s. If  you increase women’s sports to 20 to only 10 for the men, then so be it.  Maybe football is the real villain because of 85 scholarships. Cut it to 40 scholarships? Blasphemy!     DBLITY

Cool Tweet: Better to be strong and never need it than to be weak and need to be strong.  Coach Scott @CoachScott7763

Abigail Adams

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