Coach Scott Peach

A few years ago, 2019 to be exact , we took a visit to the great state of Texas and visited Scott Peach, Head Coach at Arlington HS Arlington, TX. Arlington is one of the premier programs in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The Colts were just coming off of an outstanding 11-1 season in 6A Texas High School football. We found that Coach Peach runs a program of about 150 athletes and runs a college style spread offense. Their staff has spent the last 10 years studying June Jones offense at SMU, Art Briles at Baylor, and Dabo Sweeney at Clemson. At the present time Coach Peach says their offense is probably most similar to Clemson. Peach comes from a coaching family and coaching football is all he knows. Well, it’s not ALL he knows, but you get the idea. From a ball boy at 3 years old for his Dad all the way up to today. He did a 3 video series for Chiefpigskin that was outstanding. It’s clear that Coach Peach really has done his research and knows exactly what he wants his Arlington Colts program to look like. For a clear picture and understanding of the Arlington offense check out video number one, Arlington Trips Passing Game. It’s one of our best presentations in our Spread Offense series.   DBLITY

What I’m thinking…  In the years since Title IX passed into law, several male non-revenue producing sports have  experienced program number declines. Is Title IX completely to blame? No, but it was a contributor. To even up scholarship numbers “minor sports” programs for men were cut.  Since 1972 there have been 168 D1 wrestling programs dropped. As I stated in my last blog – you don’t even things up by CUTTING, you even things up by EXPANDING. Enough said about that. Football requires 85 scholarships which takes up a bunch of scholarships. Most wrestling programs get 9.9 scholarships in D1. Wrestling coaches divide up the scholarships. They give half scholarships unless a guy is a can’t miss national champ. I AM A FOOTBALL GUY. Here’s my proposal…Now that college football is a professional sport and the athletes get paid, cut the scholarships in football to 45. There will always be walk-ons so fielding a team would be easy. “But we need 80 players!” college football coaches cry. Okay, give half scholarships like a lot of college sports have to do. That will give you 90 scholarship players. Radical idea? YEAH! Will it ever happen? No way, but…it’s what I’m thinking.

Jordan Burroughs

Cool Tweet: Hey @USC and UCLA. Y’all need a wrestling coach?  Jordan Burroughs @alliseeisgold

Great Quote: “It’s a tough ol’ sport, and there aren’t that many kids willing to sacrifice and make the commitment that wrestling requires. It’s easier to buy a car and run around on weekends.   — Ed Sheakley, Oklahoma

College Sports: Southern Cal and UCLA to the Big 10? I’m in disbelief. It’s not the Big 10 anymore but if USC and UCLA are gonna REALLY be Big 10 teams, they must add wrestling. The Big 10 is the premier wrestling conference in the nation and they had better be on board!