Robert Pomazak

Middle of the summer and high school football camps are gearing up in anticipation of the fall season. Camps, clinics, summer practice, whatever your state calls it, we’re all still looking for a few tidbits out there as we prepare for the battles this fall. Of course, that’s what Chiefpigskin is all about. Whether you’re looking for in depth X’s and O’s or just big or little tips on philosophy, culture, etc…it’s all here. One of our favorite coaches that has worked with us here is Robert Pomazak, head coach at St. Charles North High School in St. Charles , IL. The North Stars play in the rugged DuKane Conference in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. With a school enrollment of around 2,000 it places SCN in the largest of 8 classes in Illinois. The entire Chicago area is filled with outstanding coaches and the competition is intense. The area sits in a location that can easily be recruited by such Big 10 schools as Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Purdue, Indiana, Michigan St….not to mention Notre Dame, Missouri, Kentucky, Louisville. There are just a lot of good players and programs in the area. One of Coach Pomazak’s early videos with us,  Creating A Football Program By Design, is jam packed with ideas that have been utilized by Pomazak and his staff over the course of their tenure. He hits 3 key areas in this video — Attention, Discipline, and Skill. It’s a great video to watch and see what you can pull from it.

What I’m thinking…I have my own thoughts on Brittney Griner and her detainment/imprisonment in Russia. We’re all free (I think so far) to have our own opinions. But I want to know how the conversation between our government and the Russian government will go when it pertains to Ms. Griner’s imprisonment in Russia. Since we are arming Ukraine with massive amounts of weapons and ammo to defeat the Russian invasion it seems that they may in no mood to do us any favors. Can you imagine this phone conversation…Hey Vlad, this is Joe…BIDEN! Can you do me a favor? I was hoping you guys could release Brittney and send her back to the USA. What’s that? Ok, so she broke a few laws and we’re sending Ukraine billions of dollars of military aid to blow your guys up but, c’mon man, we don’t just lock people up like you guys do – we have due process. What’s that? Well, most of time. Anyway, what do you think? C’mon Man!   I’m just not sure how we talk the Russkies into that. For Britney’s sake, I hope we can.  DBLITY

Cool Tweet:  We all have many new teachers. We don’t want to add more work to experienced staff because of that so why not hire strong retired teachers for the first few weeks as consultants to shadow/mentor new teachers. They need support. Who better to get them on the right start?   — Jeni Netherland @JeniNetherland

Great Quote: “Gentlemen, you will permit me to put on my spectacles, for, I have grown not only gray, but almost blind in the service of my country.” — General George Washington, 1st President and Father of Our Country

Pro Sports: ESPN is going crazy about Kevin Durant and where he might land. But he hasn’t REALLY won a championship yet. The Warriors won BEFORE he got there and AFTER he left. So was it HIS championship? Just wondering.