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I was thinking back the other day about when I played in the 60s. Heck, I can’t even remember if we had a wide receiver coach. We didn’t throw the ball much and when we did it was usually some type of play action to a tight end or a back coming out of the backfield. Maybe I just don’t remember – it’s been well over 50 years ago that I played high school football. But, my how things have changed. Wide receivers have become a huge part of the game and coaching them is fundamental. This week we are featuring two wide receiver coaches from American Fork High School in the great state of Utah. Yes, Chiefpigskin even gets out to Utah! But look, American Fork doesn’t have just one WR coach, they have two! Dirk Stephens coaches the inside receivers and Randon Manuela coaches the outside receivers. In this presentation Stephens and Manuela both give us instruction on the Cavemen’s WR play. Yes, they are the Cavemen. Wide receiver coaches can certainly get some good ideas and insight from these two guys in this presentation, Wide Receiver Play at American Fork. In this video you will learn 10 important concepts for coaching wide receivers. Check it out and let us know what you think.

What I’m thinking…Somehow I stumbled on to some old high school game film on Youtube. I came across a game from 1969 between two teams from my old hometown of Peoria, Il. This was MY era. It was about an 11 minute clip of action that covered the 1st half. Lot of running the football and play action passes. I noticed that the play was very physical and both teams had a lot of “dudes” as they call it today. I mean, some bad dudes. Good athletes and the hitting was ferocious. I thought, “man did we hit back in the day!” It was a game between Peoria Central and Peoria Richwoods. Both teams looked really good and the game appeared to be even, they both scored a TD in the clip I watched. So, I looked up their season record for 1969 and found out Richwoods finished 10-0 that year and Central finished 8-1-1. Yeah, Richwoods went undefeated and Central only lost once – to Richwoods, the game I watched. It was probably a one touchdown game, both teams played rock ribbed defense. It was really fun to watch and reminisce. Crazy what you can find on Youtube.    DBLITY

Cool Tweet: May be unpopular take…just coached in a 2 day 7on7 tourney. Two things vanishing…humbleness and humility. Players & coaches (including myself) way too caught up in winning a 7 on 7 game & not using it for its purpose of getting ready for season and way too much trash talking.   — RJ Fuhr @FuhrRj

Dan Gable

Great Quote: The easiest thing to do in the world is pull the covers up over your head and go back to sleep.  — Dan Gable