Nick Pelham

Are you like me? Or at least the way I USED to be when I was coaching? I could not get my hands on enough drills. To me, good drills are one of the keys to training athletes in practice in any sport, not just football. When I first started coaching in 1976 I didn’t realize the importance of effective drills. Over the years I learned how to incorporate drills in a systematic way that reflected what we believed in. I guess that’s another key. You can’t just have a big glob of drills that don’t fit your system or the practice plan. So what do you do? You just keep learning, you just keep exploring methods by those veteran coaches that have gone on before and have a great reputation for success. As we get into the swing of things in high school football around the country it’s not too late to add to your library of football drills. Nick Pelham, the head coach at White Knoll HS in South Carolina put together a video for Chiefpigskin in 2020 when he was the Defensive Coordinator at Dutch Fork HS. Dutch Fork has been one of the top programs in the country for the last several years and Pelham was was a big part of the success. His video entitled Winning With Fundamentals covers Tackling, Pass Rush, and Outside Linebacker Drills. More good stuff for you defensive guys to devour. You will NOT be disappointed! By the way, hope your first weeks of practice are going well.

What I’m thinking…I don’t usually think of NBA basketball, especially this time of year, but there are a couple of NBA stories about Kevin Durant that have left me wondering. What’s with KD? First he announces that he wants to be either traded or fire Steve Nash, his head coach. Man, NBA players have a lot of power and how’s that for having your coach’s back? So now he says he’s putting the Boston Celtics on his wanna play for list. They’re pretty darn good without him and the Warriors did pretty well this year without him. Did KD really win a championship with Golden State or was he just a “hanger on’r”? Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson are the ones responsible for championships, or am I being too hard on KD? And yes, his Nets did very well this year.   DBLITY
Cool Tweet: High school sports are fun. Kids should play for that reason alone. Problem is lots of club coaches tell kids not to compete for their high school so there’s more time to showcase & “get seen”. And kids end up being the ones missing out on the experience. It’s a shame.  Nick Buonocore  @Nick_Buonocore

Booker T Washington

Great Quote: Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome – Booker T. Washington