QB Coach Jimmy Skinner

Get Those Quarterbacks ready! Hasn’t that become more important than ever? In today’s offenses the QB is asked to be a bigger part of the system than ever. Yes, the QB position has always been important but in all of the long years in football I have been involved in I don’t think I’ve ever seen a time when that position is more important. It’s on the Head Coach to be able to Coach his QB well and if that’s not his strong suit then he’d better have a darn good QB coach. That’s why coaches just need to keep learning and getting better. We always said, “You’re either getting better or getting worse, you can’t stay the same.”  Coach Jimmy Skinner is the QBs Coach at Frederick Douglass HS, KY. and discusses Timing and Rhythm with QB play. Skinner was a 2 year starter at Marshall University and has worked with some outstanding QB coaches. He talks about patience, philosophy, and the 3 step drop with rhythm. When their QBs demonstrated all 3 fundamentals of footwork, timing, and rhythm, they completed 87% of their passes. To view the video just go to Chiefpigskin and click here.

What I’m thinking… I keep reading and hearing on TV that the QB starters are being named around the country in college football. It goes like this…”Ex Texas QB Thompson named Nebraska starter”, “Ex Oklahoma starter named starter at USC”, Ex Syracuse starter named starter at Illinois”, “JT Daniels, ex starting QB for Georgia named West Virginia starting QB.” The list goes on and on so you get the idea. My question is, “Are any starting QBs in college football NOT transfers? Do any recruited guys actually stay and become the starter?” Of course, there have to be a few, right? I understand the philosophy – I guess. Recruit a bunch of QBs and if none work out, let ’em transfer and go get someone else’s transfer. Plus, when you get a transfer who was a starter you get a guy with experience. Come to think of it, where did Spencer Rattler, the Heisman QB at Oklahoma transfer to? Oh yeah, South Carolina – and he has 3 years of eligibility remaining! How would you like to get a Heisman candidate for 3 years? It’s become quite a common occurrence and there’s no sign of it changing.   DBLITY

Cool Tweet: Kids shouldn’t play tackle football before 6th grade.   — Chad Henning @CoachHenning75     I agree with Coach Henning – what do the rest of you think?

Ron Jaworski

Great Quote: The heartbeat of a football team is the quarterback position…you must have consistency at that position to have a championship team.  — Ron Jaworski