Coach Charles Watkins

Tackling and takeaways – are these the 2 most important skills for defense? I don’t know if they are THE MOST important but they sure are right there at the top, especially tackling. In his video presentation for Chiefpigskin DC Charles Watkins at Concordia University in Chicago shows how the Sequence of Our Circuits in Practice actually translates to the field. In Spring 2019, Watkins became the Defensive Coordinator/ Recruiting Coordinator at Concordia University Chicago. Besides coaching four all-conference players, he helped Concordia record its  most wins in six years; post defensive bests in multiple categories over the previous six seasons, was the team FCA advisor; and as the lead recruiter he helped bring 120 new players into the program in a two-year span. Coach goes into detail about his stations in the circuit program for tackling – FIT, FIT AND ROLL, DRIVE FOR FIVE, PROFILE TACKLE, and RUN THE ANGLE. The Takeaway stations include SCOOP AND SCORE, FALL ON IT, RAKE AND/OR PUNCH and READ QB INT. This video shows great ways to maximize practice time on the defensive side of the ball. Says Watkins, “Takeaways don’t just happen, you’ve gotta practice ’em.” You’ll love his drills for the takeaway circuit and their is plenty of practice footage to demonstrate what the drill looks like in practice conditions.  Hey, it’s game time all over the country, Good Luck!

Len Dawson

What I’m thinking…One of the sad things about being an old guy like me is seeing all of the stars and personalities that I admired as I was growing up pass away. The latest is Len Dawson, legendary quarterback of the Kansas City Chiefs. I watched the Super Bowl game on tv when the Chiefs upset the Vikings in Super Bowl IV. At the time, it was a huge upset. Yeah, I’m that old. Add to that list Bill Russell, Vin Scully, Dan Reeves, Ralph Neely, Don Maynard, Charley Taylor, Ken Burrough, Tommy Davis, Rayfield Wright, Daryle Lamonica, Bob Lanier, Gino Capaletti and Don Perkins, just to name a few. And that does not include the several younger players who died way too soon. I also realize many of my boyhood heroes that are still alive are in their 80s and 90s so this will be an ongoing sad chapter in my life. Glad I got a chance to see them play.  DBLITY

Cool Tweet: Anxiety in a man’s heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. Proverbs 12:25 ESV — Todd St. John  @mt_stjohn

Nelson Mandela

Great Quote: Sport has the power to change the world, to inspire,to unite people in away that little else does.  —Nelson Mandela