Jay Novotny

The season is well under way by now and hopefully things are going smoothly. Actually, for half of us they are, and for half of us not so smoothly. Can’t get away from the fact that every Friday night in America exactly 50% of all teams will lose. And it happens every Friday night of the fall. The point is, we might still be looking for some little tips to get that extra edge on Friday night. Well, one of our more recent videos here at Chiefpigskin has some golden nuggets on special teams play. Veteran college and high school coach Jay Novotny in Colorado has built a solid winning program at Fountain Fort Carson High School. Where’s that at? Very near Colorado Springs, CO. FFC has a philosophy built on 4 principles 1) Take what our opponent gives us 2) Exploit our opponents tendencies 3) Nobody, absolutely nobody is too good for special teams and 4) Compete and WIN in every phase in special teams. Coach Novotny goes through all of his charts and scenarios that could take place in a football game and how to organize practice to drill every situation. This 42 minute video, Organizing Special Teams is a must for your special teams coordinator. Check it out for yourself and see how many tips you can pick up. It’s a good one.

Josh Allen Stiff Arms Rams DB

What I’m thinking…Josh Allen, the QB for the Buffalo Bills is a freak. And I say that IN A GOOD WAY. I watched him in the playoffs last year and came away shaking my head. Who IS this guy? Why had I never heard of him in college? Well it turns out NO ONE offered him a scholarship coming out of high school. San Diego State offered him a chance to walk on. That was it. Why? Seems that Allen was busy being a kid. He didn’t attend the “elite” QB camps and his small northern California team didn’t play many 7 on 7 games. Josh and many of his teammates were busy playing baseball and basketball. Not only was Allen involved in multiple sports while in high school, he also regularly worked on the family farm and at the restaurant his mother operated. Allen was a member of FFA through his local chapter at Firebaugh HS. He received numerous awards for his agricultural work and knowledge including a rank in the top four in the nation in diversified crop production of cantaloupe, cotton, and wheat in 2014. He was just a regular high school kid at 6-1 180 lbs. But in JR college he grew to 6-5 210. Still no one wanted him except Wyoming. Talk about a late bloomer! Last night against the Rams he looked like a man among boys. If I had to take a QB right now it would be Josh Allen. Yes, even over Mahomes.   DBLITY

Cool Tweet:   I learned from our sports chaplain that David and Goliath was not a story about a miracle underdog, but a story about confidence. David carried 5 stones with him not to use all on Goliath, but because he was prepared to kill Goliath’s 4 brothers as well. Self-confidence is key.  —Coach William Lowe  @CoachWLowe

Great Quote:   “When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future.” —Queen Elizabeth II