Coaches are busy coaching football right now, scouting, planning practice, practicing, getting game plans ready, coaching the JV team, coaching the freshman team…so there’s not a lot of time for studying clinic tapes and videos to improve knowledge and techniques. Our own leader Nathaniel (Nate) Albaugh here at Chiefpigskin is busy with his season too. So we certainly understand that this is a down time of year for coaches to be studying and installing new offenses, defenses, schemes, off season programs etc…  But you can pick up a few tidbits still that could help on Friday night. Plus, the new series, Sunday Conversations is fun and gives you a chance to listen and relax as other coaches talk about their thoughts on how their season is going. So far two coaches have been guests, Tracy Malone from Tennessee and Adam Smith from Mississippi. Sundays can be a good time to unwind and recharge so give it a try.

What I’m thinking…Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports recently wrote,For the seventh time since Tom Osborne’s retirement in 1997, Nebraska is looking for a coach. That fact is both a surprising and depressing trend. Native son Scott Frost was fired Sunday having gone 16-31 three games into his fifth season. Even when they made modest improvements in other areas, the Cornhuskers were consistently bad at a couple things: special teams and losing close games. Frost tried everything: changing coaches, changing approaches. Nothing worked to the point Georgia Southern sealed the deal Saturday night by gaining 642 yards in hallowed Memorial Stadium where Heisman Trophy winners and national champions used to dwell.” Wow, 642 yards? At Nebraska? Yeah, that will seal the deal when you’re already on the hot seat. I feel bad for Frost. He seems to be a really good man who, I’m sure, poured everything he had into the program. I hope it doesn’t crush him and he can bounce back. In fact, I’m sure he will. But it has come to this…in college football you had better win, period. By the way, Nebraska football used to be like what Alabama is now. Is it possible to ever get back to that level? I can remember when Nebraska and OU was as big as it gets. Oklahoma has maintained a high level but Nebraska has not. Good luck to the next coach. Notre Dame is 0-2 and the poor guy lost his bowl game last season so he’s 0-3 as the Notre Dame head coach. I’m sure he’s sick. Football, and sports in general shouldn’t do that to a person. Do we take football too seriously? Maybe. But on the other hand it’s a multi million dollar business anymore and that IS serious. Big money is on the line. So, here’s what I think. Football is NOT that important but money is. And when that kind of money is on the line…well, you get the idea.

Have you noticed the trend among teams to do stuff like put on a cowboy hat, or a big gold chain, or something really dumb after making a big play? Yeah, I’m old and I think it’s dumb. Maybe the LA Angels should worry about winning baseball games and not putting on a cowboy hat after a home run. You might say, “Cmon Coach, they’re just having fun.” Right. DBLITY

Cool Tweet: Wins and losses matter but that is the low apple of emotion. Can we focus on the experience we give and the way we make our staff and players feel. Give them something to remember long after the scoreboard shuts off.  Robert Pomazak @robertpomazak

Satchel Paige

Great Quote:  I ain’t ever had a job, I just always played baseball. — Satchel Paige