Scott Dieterich

Alright coaches, we are at the midpoint of the season and MAYBE, just maybe, you’re looking for a couple of little schemes, plays, tricks – to get you into the playoffs at the end of the season. Or maybe a little boost to make a deep playoff run. Whatever the case, you could use a few little “special” plays. Well, we here at CHIEFPIGSKIN have something for you Flexbone coaches that just might fill the bill.   You just never know when that one opportunity comes up to make a big play that your opponents have never seen or expect.  Scott Dieterich HC at St. Michael High School in Louisiana has been a flexbone coach for 22 years and made a video for us called Flexbone Specials. He likes the philosophy that “What’s mine is yours because what’s mine came from someone teaching it to me.”  How true – and it seems to be my life story in coaching. Dietrich is not big on stats or goals but he is big on TNT’s. Watch the video to see what that’s all about. I enjoyed listening to his stories and philosophies and you will to.

What I’m thinking… Aaron Judge is sitting on 61 homers as I write this. He has 5 or 6 games left so I think he’ll get 62 or more. If he does, that will be an American League record that has stood for 61 years! As far as I’m concerned, the MLB record is still 61. Hey, I can think what I want. The records of 73 and 70 (and 66) came by cheating. When McGwire hit 70, I knew something wasn’t right. Didn’t sit well with me – and I’m a Cardinal fan. Then, when a bulked up Bonds with all of his body armor hit 73 I knew it was all bogus. People tell me, “Hey, he hit ’em, you gotta count it” Well, Rosie Ruiz was a fraudster who was declared the winner in the female category for the 84th Boston Marathon in 1980, only to have her title stripped eight days after the race when it was discovered that she had not run the entire course. But she DID cross the finish line 1st so we have to count it, right? NOOOO! She cheated, as did McGwire, Sosa, and Bonds. So I don’t count ’em. I DO count Judges record. Ridicule the old man if you like but I grew up revering 60 and 61. If you’re gonna break those records – do it right.  DBLITY

Cool Tweet: Why do people put down kids who are proud to post about getting to play division III sports? I dont get it. Praise everyone who goes on to play college sports.  —Steve @Coach_Steve72

Great Quote: We all drink from wells that we didn’t dig.  — Ben Bribach, Discovery Canyon HS