In September of this year Chiefpigskin presented a Simple 4-4 Defense intended for youth coaches. It was the simplest version of a 4-4 D that was run for more than 20 years at a small high school in Illinois. Now, could this defense be run at the high school level as well? Heck yeah! But the good news is that a presentation with more add ons for special situations is being prepared to supplement this effective defense. Whether you run the 4-4 or not, this is a fun video that all coaches can enjoy. Make sure you check it out as well as ALL the videos on Chiefpigskin. Offense, defense, special teams, program development, it’s all there. And remember, after the season more valuable content will be added for your on going learning and enjoyment. Good luck in the last weeks of the season!


What I’m thinking…Taking nothing away from the Padres and Phillies, they earned their shot under the present system of baseball playoffs. Out of the playoffs are the three division champions – Dodgers, Braves, and Cardinals. Not to mention the 100+ win Mets. That leaves us with the 87 win Phillies and the 89 win Padres. The Dodgers, by far the regular season superior team with a whopping 111 wins, is out of it. The Braves and Mets won 101 and the Cardinals 93. In the old days, and I’m talking 1968 and before, the teams with the best records in both the American and National Leagues played in the World Series. We knew we were getting the best teams in both leagues. Their were no divisions or “playoffs”. Yes, I understand that more teams involved creates more national interest and certainly more money, which is the key. Their were 12 teams involved in the MLB playoffs as opposed to 2. So yeah, I’m glad my Cardinals at least had a shot. But I still kinda miss the old days when we went immediately to the World Series and got the two best teams. In a best of 3 series ANYTHING can happen. Heck we could’ve put the Pirates and Nationals in their and they could’ve won 2 out of 3 or 3 out of 5 easily. It happens in the regular season all the time. There’s a fine line between a 2-3 record and a 3-2 record. Now if you stretch that over a 162 game schedule that’s 65-97 and 97-65, a huge difference. But in a short series, that’s razor thin. So, you take the chance of seeing your best teams eliminated and that’s what happened in the NL. Let’s face it, MLB, more than any other sport, is a sport when ANY team can win on a given day.

Chase Brown

My Fighting Illini are doing well at 6-1 and after many years of mediocrity it’s nice to see, at least for me. And their running back, Chase Brown, is starting to receive some well deserved attention. Brown is leading the nation in rushing with 1,059 yards and has caught 15 passes for another 107 yards. Years ago he would be a front runner for the Heisman but these days it’s hard to beat out the quarterbacks, especially the ones from the “special” schools. Can he win the Heisman? Probably not and I get that, but it’s nice to see the spotlight on an Illini player for once.

So…the Tennessee fans were so happy they beat Alabama they tore the goal posts down. Not only that, they threw them into the Tennessee River. Now, I’ve been very happy many times in my life but never had the desire to go tear down goal posts, or anything else for that matter. I think it’s kinda dumb, but it’s become a tradition. How did it start? I wanted to know so I looked it up. Best I can tell, the first time a group of fans decided to fell the goal posts was Nov. 18, 1876. On that date, Harvard played Yale and, according to newspaper accounts, “Yale rooters tore down the goal posts so that Harvard should not be able to kick a goal to win the game”.  Another account said the tradition began in 1934 when Vanderbilt beat Tennessee 13-7 and the fans rushed the field. The surge brought down the goal posts. Was it accidental or intentional? I couldn’t find that out.   DBLITY

Cool Tweet: I feel like we failed miserably in HS sports when we allowed the culture and tradition of the letterman’s jacket to dissolve instead of evolve. —- Todd McGhghy  @Todd_McGhghy

Daniel Boone

Great Quote: All you need for happiness is a good gun, a good horse, and a good wife. —- Daniel Boone