PAT Chaos?

Last week on the Chiefpigskin blog/podcast we featured the RUGBY PUNT. It was one more example of the many ways to approach special teams in football. Well heck, since were on it, let’s stay on the subject of special teams. I wonder who came up with the name “Special Teams?”. They are certainly different. Anyway – let’s take a look at another phase of specials – the PAT. Now this is sometimes considered an automatic but we have a presentation that has some special flavor called PAT Chaos. This presentation by Chris Summers at Bloomfield HS in Colorado will give you some new ideas and options to make your PAT a more dangerous weapon. Summers covers special teams overview, PAT details, creating chaos, swinging gate, several formation variations, and plenty of game film. All this for an extra point? Yeah, give it a look and see what you think. Hey we’re in the middle of our playoffs in Illinois and I’m sure we’re at that level all over the country. Good luck to all those still playing in November!      DBLITY

What I’m thinking…At this point in my life, old and retired, I just enjoy watching my grandkids play sports, watching my son’s football team, and just sitting back and following ALL sports. So as I look at the entire sports landscape here’s what’s catching my attention…Listen To The Podcast For More!


Jim Brown – The G.O.A.T.

Great Quote: “The three greatest people in my life as a young person were white. I’m not a person that really deals in color.” —– Jim Brown HOF Running Back