La Cueva HS

We’ve always believed that if you’re going to challenge for a championship you’ve gotta have a tough, hard nosed defense.  But of course, there are some out there that say “We’re gonna outscore ’em.” Well yeah, that works too but in this day of more spread offenses and throwing the football a lot of coaches out there want a heavy pressure defense to attack that type of offense. If you’re one of those in that camp you’ll want to give a look to the defense that Wes Hurley, Defensive Coordinator at La Cueva HS in New Mexico is currently running. Coach introduces La Cueva’s philosophy on bringing pressure with their rules and tags for the 4-2-5 defense. Hurley explains how they give a complicated look yet simple for the athletes with very limited memorization. The emphasis is on an undersized but fast defense using movement and aggression to put players in position to make plays. Coach talks about their increased flexibility to attack schemes or personnel with a great tagging system to make communication easy. Sound good? We think so too! Just click here to go to the video. Chiefpigskin has dozens of other videos to check out in the off season so make sure you have your membership.

Playoff Game

What I’m thinking… The 12 team playoff is coming for college football whether you’re a proponent of that or not. Most fans and sports writers out there favor expanding the playoffs. Hey, we’re a playoff happy society. We love playoffs. I love playoffs. I love the HS football playoffs, I enjoy the NCAA basketball tournament. Are those games playoffs or a tournament? Is there a difference? Maybe that’s a conversation for another day. But part of me is just not sure if I like the idea of expanding the College Playoffs to 12 teams and here’s why. It devalues the regular season and some of those BIG games. We’ve had some great matchups this year and they were kinda like playoff games. Look at the game between Georgia and Tennessee. That was like a playoff game. If 12 teams made the playoffs that game wouldn’t have been as important. Heck, they’re both gonna be in the top 12 so what’s the big deal? Consider this…TCU has had to beat some really good teams the last few weeks to stay undefeated and ADVANCING toward the top 4 playoff spots. Those are like playoff games and they take on huge importance. If there were a 12 team playoff, not as big of a deal. And the ultimate playoff game is next weekend when Ohio State takes on Michigan. Winner advances and loser goes to a really nice bowl game…maybe. Big playoff game and lots of fun. Of course, Michigan is very fortunate to be undefeated. Illinois had ’em beat but Michigan got a gift on a pass interference call with 9 seconds to go that gave ’em a game winning field goal. You think Illinois would’ve gotten that call? Right.


On another note – I watched a little bit of NFL on Sunday and saw a few instances of wide receivers crying and pouting about play calls that they didn’t like. Poor babies – they want the ball more. So does everyone! Grow up and do your job. But the worse thing is coaches go up to them and try to console them with hugs and whispers in their ear. I’m too old and old school for that. Vince Lombardi would be throwin up.    DBLITY 

Jim Brown – The G.O.A.T.

Another Great Quote From The G.O.A.T… Make sure when anyone tackles you he remembers how much it hurts. — Jim Brown HOF