Outside Zone With RPO Attachments

La Cueva Bears Football

In 2016 the La Cueva HS staff in Albuquerque, New Mexico implemented the Spread Offense emphasizing the Outside Zone with RPO Attachments. The results so far? They have had championship level success with a runner up finish in the 2017 6A playoffs and a 2018 6A State Championship season at 13-0. This past season the Bears went 11-2 and another runner up finish in the New Mexico 6A playoffs. They finished the season ranked #2 in the state with their only two losses coming to the state champs.

In this Chiefpigskin video Offensive Coordinator at La Cueva High School Enrico Marcelli shows why their Outside Zone system is a great scheme for inferior Offensive linemen and how RPOs build naturally off the scheme. They create movement in the defense and utilize a good  running QB. And yes, all this with a small O line. You will get an in depth look at their scheme including Midline Outside Zone, Outside Zone RPOs, RPOs vs Man, and Reading the 3rd Level. Points of emphasis and game film is included to show why they have been so successful. Are you an Outside Zone, RPO guy?  Click here now!