4-4 Defense

You love football and you’ve just been asked to coach the local Youth Football team. Whether you call it Youth Football, Pop Warner, Pee Wee, or JFL (Junior Football League) it’s the local community club that pre high school kids play in. You played in high school and helped out in the youth league wherever you could, maybe you were even a position coach. But now your gonna be the head coach or the defensive coordinator and you need help. That’s exactly what Chiefpigskin is for. We have DOZENS of high quality videos that can help you be a better coach. And if you’re looking for a complete, yet simple defense to install with your youth team, make sure you watch A Simple 4-4 Defense. This defense is perfect for Youth Football and will give you everything you need to run for a complete season. In this video you get 1) Philosophy 2) Personnel Selection 3) Base Alignment 4) Gap Identification 5) Alignment Identification 6) Fronts 7) Line Stunts 8) Blitzes 9) Linebacker Adjustments and 10) Secondary Coverages. All that is packed into a 53 minute video with plenty of diagrams. Now is the time to begin preparing for the 2023 season! Good luck!    DBLITY