Farmington Spread | Zone Scheme Series   

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Coach Vallas

The Farmington Farmers (yes, the Farmers) run two different series when it comes to zone plays. Stretch, which is their outside run to boundary play and Push, which is an inside zone play with man principles. Toby Vallas, head football coach at Farmington High School in Illinois introduces a 3 part series on the Farmington Spread Offense. In the first video of the series coach presents the Farmington Spread | Zone Scheme Series. In the last 7 seasons the Farmers have established a 61-10 record including 4 undefeated regular seasons. Coach Vallas loves speed, he’s a track guy by his own admission, and he feels this offense showcases speed.  Coach gives some outstanding presentations for Chiefpigskin with solid philosophy, diagrams, and game film. By the way, in this Zone Scheme Series Vallas also shows some nice screen plays. Simple but effective describes what Farmington does. And yes, they are in the heartland of Illinois farming country. Check it out!      DBLITY